Getting started with RELX Device

Getting started with RELX - AchaSoda Mall

When you buy your first RELX device or when you are considering buying one.

Want to know more about it? We are here to lay it out for you.

Before you do anything, get to know what comes in with each RELX device. RELX devices are easy and hassle-free to use. Besides the device, you get a charging cable and a user manual. RELX devices come pre-charged and ready to use. So, you don't need to charge right away.


Put in the RELX Pod, take the e-liquid pod out of the box and unpack it. Now put it into the cavity of the e-cigarette device.


Gently inhale on the mouthpiece of the Relx Pod to begin. No button to click. Just inhale or "pull" to activate the pressure-sensitive RELX Pod and take in the vapour. You will notice the indicator lights up softly when you take a pull. As you get acclimated to this new experience, watch out for the light to check whether it flashes - this implies you are inhaling excessively long or too profoundly.


Quite simple, right? Maintaining your RELX is just as easy.



The battery duration of RELX relies on how vigorously you use the device. For the most part, a full charge to last through a day and a moderate to light usage would go 2-3 days.



To charge your RELX, insert the charging cable to the bottom of the device and plug it into the nearest power source. You should see the indicator light up during the charging time and turn off when the battery gets charged. It only requires 45-60 minutes to fully charged your RELX device. So, it will be all set before you know it.


RELX Pods:

Each RELX Pod holds 3 ml of e-liquid to create almost 650 pulls, which equals around three packs of cigarettes.

When the e-liquid pod finishes, swap it out and insert another one. RELX offers a lot of flavours, from classic Mint to juicy Mango. There is something for everybody!



For cleaning, you can wipe down the device with a tissue or with some isopropyl alcohol from time to time. You can also clean the cavity with a Q-tip dipped in alcohol and let it dry before using it again.



When not in use, put the RELX device in a safe and dry place, away from kids.



RELX is a good option for vapes. If you have made up your mind and looking to buy one, you can consider buying from AchaSoda Mall. It has a variety of pod flavours to choose from and colours. For a better and long-lasting experience must consider the above.

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